Dionea - Argentina

Dionea was founded by partners Cristian and Fernando. Their brand originated from the desire to create beautiful quality pieces as well as that each object contains an identity and character. They first started by making shirts and apparel just for themselves, however their friends kept requesting they make shirts for them. They realized they had created something truly unique and decided to start their own business.

In 2010, Dionea opened a small shop in the bohemian neighborhood Palermo Soho of Buenos Aires, Argentina. From there, Dionea showed the world their passionate, handcrafted products, beginning with a men's collection of apparel. They have now expanded to accessories and women's apparel. Since the beginning, Dionea has promised themselves to make environment-friendly products while respecting the origin of the materials and fair work.

They hope you discover the beautiful things that make you happy like they did!

Josefina Basso - Argentina

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